Donovan Gaining Big Supporters

MANOA (KHNL) -- One day after being named the new athletics director at the University of Hawaii - Manoa, Jim Donovan is already getting a lot of big supporters.

It's a definitely a new era for UH Manoa athletics.

First we got a new football head coach in Greg McMackin which everyone applauded.

Now everyone's applauding the choice of Jim Donovan, including Coach Mack.

"I'm excited about Jim, he's said it himself, he's here to work for the state of Hawaii, we have our team and now we need everyone's support," said McMackin.

People who know Donovan say he excels in garnering assistance from the community.

"I think he's going to do a fantastic job in reaching out to so many different groups, getting the staff excited internally, as well as doing all the things that you need to do externally to move the program forward," said Associate Athletics Director John McNamara.

Many of the UH coaches already express a feeling of reassurance knowing Donovan's worn the hat of player,coach and administrator.

"I think he understands it's very important to take care of the needs of the student athletes and the coaches for us to be successful, and that's all we want, we want a chance to win and hopefully the administration allows us a chance to win by providing us opportunity and help," said Wahine Volleyball head coach Dave Shoji.

And it certainly helps to have the endorsement of everyone involved, including the school's president.

"I've had a chance to work with him while he was the associate athletics director, he's done a terrific job while at the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, and I'm confident Jim Donovan will take the University of Hawaii - Manoa athletics program to new heights," said David McClain.

Although he grew up in California, the 48-year-old Donovan has spent more than half his life here in the islands, and he told us he's happy to be home.