Broken Water Main Floods Kalihi Neighborhood

Jackie Badua
Jackie Badua

KALIHI (KHNL) --  Several homes are flooded after a water main erupts.

It was not a good Aloha Friday for several families living in Kalihi. Many returned from work to find a wet muddy mess.

The affected area is on Houghtailing and Kohou Street just makai of the H-1 Freeway near Bishop Museum.

One street turned into a lazy lake.

"We saw water but it wasn't as bad and we went to look at what was going on and the water kept going on," said homeowner Jackie Badua. "But the houses, we thought were okay maybe, but then I went to the back and now it's flooded inside."

In some parts, residents were walking in water that came up to their ankles.

The Board of Water says they are working to fix the break.