Jim Donovan Promises New Era in UH Sports

Jim Donovan
Jim Donovan

MANOA (KHNL) --  A thunderous applause welcomes back Jim Donovan to the Manoa campus, but this time around, he's the top dog in the Athletics Department.

"Having been a player and a coach and an administrator, I know how much UH athletics can bring us together. In the whole month of December, you couldn't find anybody in the State of Hawaii that wasn't happy," said Donovan.

A berth into the Sugar Bowl was an experience the whole state celebrated, and Donovan is thankful Coach Mack decided to stick around to carry the momentum forward.

"I want to thank him for staying, and I want to thank him for driving out to Kahuku, and I'm very excited to working with Coach Mack and bringing the football program to the level he has a vision for."

Donovan also has a vision for all 19 athletic programs, but before getting his hands dirty, he first wants to clear the water.

"At this time I sort of want to make an apology for all the turmoil the Athletic Department has been in recently. I just want you to know that this department is bigger than Jim Donovan, because this department really belongs to the people of Hawaii."

People who Donovan wanted to reassure.

"I just want to let you know that we will work hard everyday to make you feel welcomed and appreciated for what you've done for us and what I know you will do for us in the future."

Donovan's first day as University of Hawaii athletics director is March 24th.

The 48-year-old's five-year contract, is worth $240,000 a year.