Koko Marina Renovates Docks

Jason Jones
Jason Jones
Suzie Setzler
Suzie Setzler
Doug Fraser
Doug Fraser

KOKO MARINA (KHNL) -- Work is underway to spruce up the docks at Koko Marina Shopping Center in Hawaii Kai. The current docks are in bad condition, so they simply need an overhaul.

The old and crumbling boat docks are shipping out. Cracks in the cement are clear signs, new ones are needed.

What would seem as an inconvenience to shoppers and business owners, appears not an issue.

"It hasn't affected us too much, " said Aqua Zone's Jason Jones. "They gave us plenty of notice so they're doing one slip at a time."

Jones said he'll simply operate his business at one of the completed docks when construction work on his is begins.

Work crews are busy replacing the docks at slip c which is not a problem during this time of the year because March is very slow for business.

But for the boats docked at slips A and B which are scheduled for renovation later in the year when business is booming, it could be a much different story.

Some of the companies that operate out of this area told us they're concerned the construction could sink sales.

But Koko Marina's Suzie Setzler said, it is doing everything possible to make sure that doesn't happen.

"Usually summertime is the peak season here and we're hoping to get done prior to the july and August." said Setzler. "We're projecting mid July but it would be nice if we do get done right before the summer time really picks up."

In the meantime, in an effort to go green, work crews replacing the dozens of floating docks have an offer for home owners who live on the waterfront.

Doug Fraser of American Marine Corporation jokingly said, "If anybody over here in Hawaii Kai on the Marina want a free dock, come and see us with a case of Heineken, and they're yours."

If you're interested, contact American Marine Corporation or Koko Marina Center's management office at 808-395-4737.