Former Bishop Trustee Accused in Egg-Throwing Incident Appears Before Judge

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- A former Bishop Estate trustee, accused of ramming his car into an SUV filled with teens, appeared before an Oahu judge Wednesday.

Gerard Jervis arrived at Honolulu District Court with his wife and his attorneys. The 59-year-old is charged with first-degree criminal property damage.

Police say he got in his car and chased four Saint Louis School students who had egged his home in Lanikai Friday. Witnesses told investigators Jervis rammed the boys' SUV, sending it up the guide wires of a utility pole.

"Mr. Jervis is maintaining his innocence," Dan Oyasato, defense attorney, said. "And we look forward to demonstrating that innocence."

"Are you overwhelmed by the amount of support you've been receiving relating to this case?" this reporter asked Jervis.

"Again, I really, on behalf of Mr. Jervis, would ask or would state that we're not going to make any comment about the public's perception of this case," Oyasato replied for his client.

Jervis is free on bail.

A preliminary hearing will be held in three weeks.