Family, Friends of Murdered Sheriff Speak at Killer's Sentencing

Robina Browne
Robina Browne

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Tears flowed, as family and friends of a murdered state sheriff spoke at the killer's sentencing on Oahu Tuesday.

You could hear a pin drop, as a slain sheriff's family, friends and co-workers enter the courtroom with heavy hearts.

Robina Browne says her son, 27-year-old Daniel Browne-Sanchez, was a thoughtful and compassionate man.

"Nothing bad can happen to me anymore because it has happened," she told the convicted murderer. "You shot and killed my son."

Wearing a bullet-proof vest and armed with a semi-automatic pistol, Patrick Lorenzo stormed into Osake Sushi Bar and Lounge after hours last February, and held up the workers. The victim worked there part-time.

His mother recalls the last things he said to her.

"'Love you. I'll talk to you later,'" Browne recalled her son saying. "He never had that opportunity to get back to me."

Lorenzo was convicted on multiple counts, including second-degree murder. Prosecutors want him to serve the prison terms one at a time. That would mean a life sentence, plus another 130 years.

"Remove the velvet gloves and summon the punitive authority that has been conferred upon (this court) by statute, and fashion a sentence that will come down on Mr. Lorenzo in the shape of an iron fist," Scott Bell, deputy prosecutor, urged the judge.

"We believe that a consecutive sentence in this, in this situation would be unjustified as well as unconstitutional," Walter Rodby, defense attorney, said.

The judge grants the request for back-to-back sentences, and also hands down a mandatory minimum term of 50 years. The 33-year-old will be 83 before he can even think about the possibility of parole.

"You bring unprecedented tides of danger to the shores of our community," Karl Sakamoto, Circuit judge, said. "And the court is not going to risk another life."

The victim's family and friends are satisfied with the punishment.

"Hearing that sentence does help ease a little bit," Lt. Mike Oakland, victim's colleague, said. "But it doesn't, it won't bring Dan back."

"Now it's time to live with this on my own and to manage my life without Daniel," the victim's mother said.

Lorenzo did not make any statements of remorse in court. His lawyer says that's because he plans to appeal his case.