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Kids Rally to Cool Off James Campbell High

Iesha Massey Iesha Massey
Mahealani Robb Mahealani Robb
Corey Rosenlee Corey Rosenlee
State Representative Rida Cabanilla State Representative Rida Cabanilla

By Beth Hillyer

EWA (KHNL) -- Teachers and students at an Ewa high school complain they can't concentrate in sweltering heat.

Teachers and students complain they have been on a list to get air conditioning for years so they took their frustration to the Capitol steps.

Classrooms at Campbell High School in Ewa are so hot, students complain they aren't able to focus.

"It's really hot, I mean we can't concentrate we are sweating burning up barely listen to the teacher," said freshman Iesha Massey.

Students beg lawmakers to fund air conditioning.

"Just think if you were at a beach when it's hot, that is how it feels when you are in the classroom," said Freshman Mahealani Robb.

"Because we are trying to get AC and everybody knows it's hot in Ewa Beach and they don't want to give us AC and we come down here to fight for it," said freshman Kayla Taylor.

"We have been trying for seven years. This legislature has not given us the money," said teacher Corey Rosenlee.  "We were number seven on the list stayed there for 10 years. So we are here today to say 100 degrees is not a classroom and we want change." 

Teachers say Campbell was seventh on the Department of Education's priority list for air conditioning but then dropped to 70th place.

District lawmakers seek immediate funding

"I put in a bill, house bill 21 that is my CIP bill, 12.5 million dollars to air condition the school," siad State Representative Rida Cabanilla.

"When we have that hot classroom it's makes it hard for the kids to learn and no one can tell anyone that having 100 degrees is a fair and decent education," said Rosenlee.

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