Rainbow Wahine Determined to Win Game One in WAC Tournament

Tanya Smith
Tanya Smith
Amy Kotani
Amy Kotani
Jim Bolla
Jim Bolla

MANOA (KHNL) -- The Rainbow Wahine Basketball team opens post season play Wednesday in the WAC tournament.

Their ultimate goal is to win it.

But they've got to win game one first.

Winning their first tourney game will help them reach their goal and also get some revenge.

It was a heartbreaking, one point loss to the Aggies.

Last Saturday.

On Senior Night.

That left the Wahine feeling sour, but determined.

"Yeah, I'm like really determined. I'm not losing to them. They were talking so much on the court, and I was like, uh. We can't lose this game to them and I felt like I was really upset, and I just think, that's okay. We'll get them in the first round, and we'll beat them," said Tanya Smith, Rainbow Wahine Forward.

Because of their records and seedings.

The Wahine get the Aggies for the second time in less than five days.

This time, in the WAC tournament.

"It's good because we just played them just now," said Amy Kotani, Rainbow Wahine Guard. "We know what kind of plays they run, and who they go to, and what their tendencies are more

"We sent a message to them, and they know we're for real now," said Jim Bolla, Rainbow Wahine Head Coach.

Stakes are higher.

The task -- even tougher.

The tournament is in New Mexico.

"And it's hard to beat a team twice so close together, so, I hope this gives us revenge to get them on the road, in their place," said Smith.

"But that's okay. If we're going to win it, we're going to have to play good teams anyway," coach Bolla said.

And the Wahine believe they're going to play them all.

"We can win the tournament," Bolla said.

"All the way. If we believe we can do anything, we can do anything," said Kotani.

The Wahine game against the Aggies is Wednesday, 2 p.m. Hawaii time.

Unfortunately, it will not be televised.

But we'll have the results Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, the Rainbow Warriors face Boise State on Thursday, in the quarterfinals of their tournament.

That game, scheduled for 8 a.m. Hawaii time.

And you can watch it live, on our sister station, K5 the Home Team.