Kahuku Hospital Under New Ownership

Rep. Michael Magaoay
Rep. Michael Magaoay

KAHUKU (KHNL) -- By the end of the week, Kahuku Hospital on Oahu's north shore will be under new ownership.

It will also have a new name, Kahuku Medical Center.

Last year, area residents feared the hosptial was in jeapordy of closing due to financial problems. But the State and Hawaii Health Systems stepped in to save it.

The state appropriated money to help Kahuku Hospital through bankruptcy proceedings.

"The community came together overhwhelmingly, voiced their opinion, voiced request to please keep the hospital open because the distance for them means going to Castle in Kailua or Wahiawa or Kaiser in Moanalua," said Rep. Michael Magaoay (D) Kahuku, Haleiwa, Waimea.

The Medical Center will continue to serve the community with an annual subsidy of $1.5 million from the state.

Administrators say they will look at improving internal functions of the hospital and make it more self reliant.

Improvements could include helicopter transport from Kahuku to town facilities in trauma cases.