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Lawyer says Gerard Jervis is the Victim, Teens to Blame

Eli Jennings Eli Jennings
Kathy Dinman Kathy Dinman
Gerard Jervis Gerard Jervis
This SUV ran up a utility pole in Lanikai late Friday night This SUV ran up a utility pole in Lanikai late Friday night

By Mari-Ela David

LANIKAI (KHNL) -- The Bishop Estate scandal first landed him in trouble with the law years ago. Now, eggs are at the center of Gerard Jervis' run-in with authorities on Oahu.

A crash that happened Friday night led to the arrest of the former Bishop Estate trustee. On Monday, his lawyer said Jervis did not ram his car into an SUV full of high school students.

Jervis's lawyer says his client only ran into the teens' SUV after it crashed on its own. He says the boys are to blame and Jervis is the victim.

Lanikai residents say it's an egg fight that's simply boiled over.

"I've been egged walking around at night," said Lanikai resident Eli Jennings.

"There's frequent egging on our cars, when we wake up the next morning the hot sun has fried the eggs to the cars, even a spatula can't remove it and even once our side mirror was busted," said Lanikai resident Kathy Dinman.

It's insight into the frustrations that may have led to Jervis' arrest. His lawyer says Jervis chased the teens in the SUV after they egged his home.

Police say a witness saw Jervis ram his car into the SUV, forcing it up onto a utility pole guide war. The witness says Jervis then got out of his car and tried to fight with the students but onlookers intervened.

"My dad got in between them and was trying to split them up and they walked away," said Jennings.

One neighbor, who wishes to remain anonymous, says egging in the area has been going on for years.

"It happens all the time, our cars are constantly getting egged, our mailboxes getting hit," she said.

She's even dug her mailbox to the ground to protect it from egg attacks. While residents say Jervis may have allegedly gone too far, they say they understand his anger.

"He's just egged too many times and he got tired of it and I can understand. I'm tired of it too," said Bruce Dinman, a Lanikai resident.

Residents say they've complained to police in the past, but the egging continues to plague their neighborhood.

Jervis is expected to plead not guilty to first degree criminal property damage when he makes his first court appearance on Wednesday.

Police also arrested him for driving under the influence, but those charges are still pending.

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