State's Web Site Dedicated to Locating Missing Foster Children

Lillian Koller
Lillian Koller
Peggy Hilton
Peggy Hilton

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Hundreds of missing Hawaii children have been found thanks in part to the state's Web site. But officials say there are still more missing and they need your help.

These are runaway foster kids who have spent a long time on the run, and the Department of Human Services says it's time to bring them back home.

16-year-old Elena Raymond has been missing since August 2007.

17-year-old Savena Yadao, on the run now for more than two years.

Savena and Elena are among the 42 missing children on the state's Web site.

All runaway foster children ranging from 12 to 17 years old.

"These are all children who have been abused or neglected," said Lillian Koller.

Lillian Koller is the Director of the Department of Human Services. She says officials in Hawaii are taking a different approach in finding runaway foster children

"We must do something to find these kids, to have a high alert response to engage the community and we've been successful so overall," Koller said.

The success is due in part to this Web site. Since it was first established two years ago, hundreds of missing foster children have been located.

"There's been a reduction in the running and more stability in the placements of these foster kids," said Koller

But for those still on the run, bringing them back to safety, is the state's number one priority.

"There's a lot of concerns that we have about these missing children and we need to do whatever we can to bring them back to care," said Peggy Hilton, East Hawaii Child Welfare Services Section Administrator.

Just last week, seven missing foster children were found.

The Web site is updated weekly.