Strongman Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

Odd Haugen
Odd Haugen
Alvin & Keri Paguio
Alvin & Keri Paguio

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It's never too late to try and get into shape. That was the message at one Honolulu gym. And it used a unique way to deliver it.

Some of the biggest men in Hawaii, compete to see who's the strongest man in Hawaii. Among the participants -- Odd Haugen.

"It's just a matter of having something to shoot for, train for, keep yourself alive," said Haugen.

Treating 300-pounds like it's a can of soup can keeps Haugen feeling alive. He's 58-years old, competing with guys half his age.

"I thought he was 88," laughed Alvin Paguio, owner of Powerhouse Gym. "He is incredible."

"It proved that you're never too old to do it," said Haugen. "People have this switch, they turn off when they hit 40, ahh, i'm too old to do anything. Sit back on the couch and drink beer and watch tv. I believe you gotta get off the couch, go out and do it."

Paguio and wife Keri believe it too. wners of the newly opened Powerhouse Gym, they hosted this competition and block party, to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

"We came into this business because we believe in it," said Keri Paguio. "We love it, we believe in fitness, in working out, and it just makes you feel better."

If you don't believe it -- just ask Haugen, who has his sights set on something bigger.

"It would be fun to make the world's strongest man competition at the age of 60," he said. "I think that would be setting a real standard."

Powerhouse Gym does have a special on membership rates, to get more people into the gym.

For more information, click on the Powerhouse Gym link.