Exotic Cars Dominate Hawaii Auto Show

Brad Nicolai
Brad Nicolai
Leland Kim
Leland Kim

HONOLULU (KHNL) --  If you're into cars, then the place to be over the next few days is the Hawaii Convention Center.  The 30th annual First Hawaiian International Auto Show kicks off Thursday, and KHNL/K5 got a sneak preview.

A smorgasbord of new and exciting vehicles beckons car lovers.

"It's an amazing experience," said Brad Nicolai, a car enthusiast.  "You have to remind yourself you're in the adult candy store."

Workers put the finishing touches before doors open Thursday.

More than 350 models, everything from sedans to SUVs and trucks pack the Hawaii Convention Center floor.

And for exotic car lovers, this Bentley GTC is back in Hawaii for the first time in 15 years.  And its cost?  A cool $215,000.

It is one of several high end sports cars headlining the show.

"When you look around in our showroom, there's a lot of times when you're surrounded by millions of dollars of inventory," said Nicolai, who is also the general manager and vice president of JN Automotive Group.

He says these cars are moving works of art.

"For someone like myself, that is not only a car enthusiast, someone who can certainly appreciate the work and craftsmanship that's put in these vehicles," said Nicolai.

And with the Bentley GTC making a comeback, this year's show is something special.

"We're really excited to represent all six models that they have here, especially this new Bentley GTC which is certainly going to be a main draw," said Nicolai.

So, if you love cars, there's only one place to be.

"So if you haven't been around and you haven't seen one in a while, definitely come down and check it out," said Nicolai.

The auto show opens to the public Wednesday at noon and remains open until 10:30 pm.  It goes until 7 pm Sunday.

For specific hours, and ticket prices, click the link to the Hawaii Auto Show on this page.