Nordstrom Going Green

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- In their newest store about to open here, Nordstrom is using the latest technology to keep shoppers in air conditioned comfort.

It's part of our year long earth and sea projects.

Shoppers try on shoes and browse in cool comfort.

What's coming out the air vents is a futuristic form of air conditioning.

This is the coolant system on top of the five story building.

"Picture it like a big trash can, so it's filled with water and inside is a hose and at night, we run twenty degree water that freezes the ice into a big block. During the day, we run cold water through those same tubes and that water gets put across and the blowers and that cools our stores down," said Spokeswoman Brooke White.

These silver drums hold the icy mixture. To reduce demand on the electrical grid, the system works in off peak hours.

"So first and foremost, we thought if we could use energy off of the system during the night time, when there's lower demand, that would be a good thing for Nordstrom and the community."

It's the largest ice cooling system in the state.

"For a retailer for our size, using the ice storage system we're using one half the energy that we would during peak hours of any other retailer," said White.

Ice water cooling costs about twice as much as a normal system.

"We wanted to make sure we're a good neighbor. Being part of Hawaii is something we've wanted to do for a long time so we knew that energy costs are very high here and there's a high demand for energy," said White.

Shoppers don't know the difference, but many may appreciate the energy efficient system.

Nordstrom says in the long run, the energy efficient system will actually save money on energy bills.