Sixth Annual Preservation Awareness Day at State Capitol

Carinne Ching
Carinne Ching
Dan Parsons
Dan Parsons

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Booths were set up at the Capitol Wednesday to raise awareness about the importance of preserving Hawaii's landmarks.

Preserving Hawaii's past for Hawaii's future is the topic of the sixth annual Preservation Awareness Day. Historic preservation organizations feature exhibits on the Hawaii's historical architectural treasures to educate leaders from across the state.

Carinne Ching is the Republican representative for Nuuanu, Puunuli, Liliha, and Alewa Heights.

"Historic preservation was not anywhere near or around the radar screen of the Capitol of policy making of the policy leaders," she said.

That's why the exhibits are featured at the State Capitol, they stress the importance of historic preservation to the overall well being of Hawaii.

"They are the best classrooms you're ever going to find.That light in a child's eyes is going to go on when they walk into the Iolani Palace, not anywhere near when they read a book," Ching said.

Dan Parsons works at the USS Missouri Memorial as the Director of Education.

"You're putting your hands on history and that's the biggest point of the Missouri of all these historic sites is to be able to come on board, come to see it, feel it, and experience it," he said.

Representative Ching says historic preservation is a public policy issue.

"To be able to connect the actual organization that are working so hard, sometimes volunteering on their own free time and resources to connect with the actual policy leaders." She said.

Wednesday night, lawmakers will consider preservation legislation in the Bi-partisan Heritage caucus. So far the caucus, headed by Representative Corinne Ching has introduced over 20 bills to protect historic buildings and sites across the state.