Senate Task Force to Consider Future GMO Crops in Hawaii

Senator Jill Tokuda
Senator Jill Tokuda

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- To get clear answers to a numer of community concerns on genetically modified crop in Hawaii, Senator Jill Tokuda proposes a task force to examine Hawaii's agricultural industry.

The task force, made up of agriculture stakeholders, will address issues such as genetically modified coffee, the impact and effectiveness of labeling and indentifying consumer education needs.

Senator Tokuda says a principal goal of the task force is to separate facts from beliefs.

"While everyone on my committee and in the Senate wants what is best for our consumers as well as our agricultural industry, we need to be certain that we are making decisions based on good information and reliable science, rather than fear and speculation."

The task force would be established by a Senate Resolution which Senator Tokuda will introduce in the coming days.