Ala Moana Celebrates with Special Luxury Event

Rachel Immerman
Rachel Immerman
Matt Smith
Matt Smith

By Walter Makaula

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- It's countdown to a big weekend for Ala Moana Center, as more stores will open their doors at its newest wing.

Special events are taking place all week long to celebrate the upcoming grand opening.

Many of the high end luxury stores enticed shoppers by holding promotional events inside their stores, and the mall offered a big shopping spree worth thousands of dollars.

With a little more than two days to go, shoppers cannot wait for the new retail wing to open up.

Rachel Immerman of Waipio knows what she wants.

"Shoes, they have a great shoe selection," she said, smiling.

Immerman is referring to the highly anticipated opening of the new Nordstrom department store. Her boyfriend Matt Smith knows his role in Tuesday's shopping trip.

"Support, moral support," he said.  "That's what all guys do. Hopefully a good bench in Nordstrom."

Smith plans to sit for some time while Rachel shops.

The mall expansion adds another 30 new retail stores, so Ala Moana Center's management planned several special events throughout the week.

On Tuesday, it was the "Celebration of Luxury." More than two dozen of the center's luxury boutiques held an all-day open house with special events inside.

Fendi held an informal fashion show throughout the entire day.  Tiffany's offered free engraving to shoppers and Harry Winston's will present a dazzling, rare "Jewels of the World" exhibition throughout the entire week.

Smith cringes at the thought.

"It gives me butterflies," he said.  "My wallet's getting smaller as we speak."

Fortunately for him, everyone gets a chance to enter the $5,000 shopping spree giveaway. But even that won't solve all of his problems.

His girlfriend Rachel describes him as a good sport.

"We were just at Macy's and he was complaining because they just have benches and he didn't have anything to support his back. So we're going to take a look at Nordstrom's and see if they have the nice couches that he can sit in while I shop," she said.

But they'll have to wait for that stores grand opening which is Friday at 9:30am.