In-Line Hockey Growing in Hawaii

HONOLULU (KHNL)- Hockey in Hawaii might sound a little strange. But we're not talking about ice. We're talking outdoors, under the sun, on wheels.

The speed. The skill. The scoring.

It's all transforming in-line hockey into a popular sport in the islands.

"I used to play basketball, but I retired," said 13-year old Emerson Lau.

"We have a little joke i've always heard -- football, basketball, baseball are great sports, but they're missing one thing -- it's a puck," said Teddy Biesecker, president of the Oahu Inline Hockey League, or OIHL.

It's one of two organized leagues on the island. It started 12 years ago. Today, it's a ten team league, sanctioned by USA hockey, with its own home rink, where players can sharpen their skills.

"To keep balance while you're doing all the tricks, and to be able to not screw up while you're not doing it to make it look really nice," said 16-year old Aaron Taylor.

Taylor is one of the league's standouts, with high aspirations. He wants to play ice hockey in college and the NHL.

"It's kinda weird," said Taylor. "You'd think that somebody from Hawaii is not that great at playing hockey. But if you see them, what he has, you'd be amazed."

For others, the league is just fun, giving them an opportunity to mix it up.

"It can get kinda rough, and hits and flies," said Lau.

Actually, rough play is prohibited in the league.

The OIHL welcomes more players. They even have a program where they provide you with free equipment.