Many Mad at Marines

Maj. Chris Perrine
Maj. Chris Perrine

HONOLULU (KHNL)  - A clip on a popular video sharing network has sparked anger toward members of our military.

That's because the video shows what appears to be Marines tossing a helpless puppy into a ravine.

This story has a local tie-in because many believe the Marine that tossed the pup is stationed in Kaneohe, at Marine Corp Base Hawaii.

The military has not said if he is, or even if the video is real. But still many are angry over the alleged abuse.

"We've been getting emails from all over the country and people have just been outraged." says Kawehi Yim, with the Hawaiian Humane Society.

Outraged over this video on YouTube,of what appears to be a Marine in the Middle East picking up a puppy, cocking his arm back and then throwing that puppy a hundred feet into a ravine.

"Its a shame, no animal should be treated like that."says John Miranda, a Pearl City resident out with his dog Lisa.

Even though he hasn't even seen the video, John is still disturbed by what's shown.

US Marines are also disturbed.

"The actions portrayed in this video are shocking, horrible, and contrary to the high standards we set for every Marine." says Maj. Chris Perrine, with the US Marine Corp.

Now, a military investigation is underway, to see whether the video is authentic and if it is, who the Marines are.

But they will not be the only ones looking into this case of alleged animal abuse.

"Given the amount of public outcry on the this matter there will be a lot of eyes watching them." adds Yim.

A lot of eyes are also watching other clips, like another one on YouTube, allegedly showing US Service Members throwing rocks at a disabled dog.

Disturbing videos that have not only hurt animals, but also pained animal lovers from around the world.

"I don't know what would cause someone to do something like that." says Miranda.

Now if the video is authentic, the Marines involved could face discipline or be discharged from the military.