Sailor Embarks on First Wave-Powered Boat Voyage

Kenichi Horie
Kenichi Horie

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- He's been sailing across the pacific since 1962.

Now, Kenichi Horie will embark on another voyage from Hawaii to Japan.

It will be the world's first wave-powered boat voyage. The vessel is made from 100% recycled aluminum. Kenichi Horie thought of the unique idea to combine natural resources and Mother Nature to propel the Suntory Mermaid II.

"If I can start this thinking of recycling, and then the resources usage efficiently, so that is a very important thing for my belief," said Horie.

Fins on the front of the boat will go up and down along with the motion of ocean. The waves transform into a propulsive force. For two and a half months, this will be Kenichi Horie's home. But he won't be bored.

I can read a book and I talk with my family over the satellite phone and maybe drinking a beer while reading a book.

Horie's first voyage from Hawaii to Japan was in 1985 in a solarpowered boat, then in 1992 and 1993, he did it again in a foot-paddled boat. He is excited to try out his new wave-powered boat.

All the voyages he had done before starting from Hawaii had 100% success.

Kenichi Horie has sailed across the pacific and around the world, now he's running out of places to set sail.

"I have been so many voyages, so instead of deciding what's the next step, maybe you can think of what I am going to do."

Just another voyage for one sailor focusing on conserving the environment and utilizing global resources. Kenichi will head out to sea for a 3,780 nautical mile journey on March 16th.

He will depart from the Hawaii Yacht Club and head for the "Kii" Channel in Japan.