Islanders Report Serious Lack Of Sleep

Carolann Stanley
Carolann Stanley
Eddie Lee
Eddie Lee

HONOLULU (KHNL)--Many of us aren't getting all the sleep we need. That's according to a new study by the Centers for Disease Control.

Lunchtime in downtown Honolulu is hectic. People rush around grabbing a bite to eat and to run errands. Traffic rushes by, many hop on busses trying to make appointments. No wonder we're so tired.

"No sleep at all, work seven days a week, " said mason Eddie Lee.

Those at a downtown lunch wagon admit they don't get enough shut eye.

"Work ten hours a day, Saturday and Sunday," Lee added."

Wouldn't it be nice if more of us could curl up under the shade of a coconut tree and take a nap. Researchers with the CDC say your health would benefit from more sleep.

Of the four states surveyed, Hawaii residents reported more sleep than the others.

"I got to get my sleep. Gotta get eight to nine hours everyday. If not, hard you know," said glass installer Mark Ruiz.

With busy family and work commitments many Hawaii residents can't find time to sleep.

"I have three kids, have to help them homework, they have sports and with traffic, I live all the way in Waikele," said Eliza Campos

Changes to work schedules are a big complaint.

"Now they got me on a different shift. I work from one to nine thirty so I"m still a little bit tired when I get up," Housekeeper Carolann Stanley admitted.

And those with the least amount of sleep say it comes down to the almighty dollar.

"Well you sleep more, no more money, work get plenty money."