Music For The Ages

A couple of musical legends left us last week, but luckily their legacy lives on in their music, their families, their students, and a whole slew of adoring fans throughout these islands and elsewhere. Genoa Keawe and Raymond Kane began their respective treks to greatness long before the conveniences of the modern world and instant recordings were in place. Music emanated from the soul, and it was meant to transform and transport people. And so it did with these two humble and revered artists.

Too often nowadays we see entertainers looking for the quick success, the big hit, and it's harder than ever to fine true craftspeople who will actually play wherever and whenever and for whatever, for the love of the art, the love of the sound, the love of the moment. Role models, inspirational mentors, conduits from the past through the present to the future- that will be the enduring legacy of Aunty Genoa and Uncle Ray. If there is one thing, just one positive thing, that any of us contribute during our time on this earth, perhaps it would be to pass on something of value to others as part of the interwoven connectivity. Ms. Keawe and Mr. Kane have certainly done their jobs well.

Consider yourselves fortunate to have been present during a long and wonderful moment in time where such generous and inspirational musicians have left us their gifts. If you believe, like me, that music really is the universal language of man, then take a breath and smile, for a couple of our best teachers have just moved on to higher education. Think about it...