B-E-T Member Will Be Released From Detention Center

Arthur Ross
Arthur Ross
Tom Muchleck
Tom Muchleck

HONOLULU (KHNL)--Lead singer for "B-E-T" Joe Daniels, will be held at a halfway house due to medical reasons. He is charged with conspiracy to distribute drugs. Prosecutors say it's the largest amount of crystal methamphetamine or ice, they've ever confiscated in Hawaii.

Band founder Joe Daniels won't be able to go back to performing anytime soon. He was arrested three weeks ago in a sting by federal drug enforcement officers.

DEA agents intercepted two boxes with 50 pounds of methamphetamine.

They traced his cousin Lauolefiso Afo as he picked up the phony packages in Laie. Afo then allegedly took them to Pearlridge and were later opened at Daniel's Kunia apartment.

"He may have known the guy was using drugs, he wasn't involved the drugs themselves that was the other guy's business," said defense attorney Arthur Ross.

Prosecutors believe the ring has been shipping drugs since 2006.

"Both Afo and Daniels had searching powder on their hands indicating they handled the contents of the boxes after they were opened," said Prosecutor Tom Muchleck.

Family members sobbed with relief when Judge Michael Seabright decided to release Daniels to the halfway house. His attorney maintains just because daniels opened the boxes doesn't make him a drug dealer.

"When the package was opened that allowed the police to break into his house he did get his hands on the powder that came out of the box the other guy opened the box," said Ross.

Daniels apologizes to his fans

"He is aware the music industry gets a black eye when one to it's members is charged with a crime like this he is remorseful."