Boy Who Served As Inspiration Passes Away

Andrew Sato
Andrew Sato
David Lewis
David Lewis

(KHNL) -- He was abandoned by his mother, he lost his father to cancer, and last Saturday, Andrew Sato lost his bout with leukemia.

Andrew Sato was an inspiration to his friends, foster parents and the community. In spite of his health the 17-year-old Aiea High School graduate continued to live his life to the fullest.

Diagnosed with leukemia, Andrew Sato knew how precious life was. Before he passed away, he was able to fulfill many of his dreams which included getting his high school diploma from Aiea High School.

"I kind of knew that it was really in his heart to graduate and then the ceremony with the whole senior class there, the support from all the social service employees across the state other foster parents that showed up it was overwhelming," said David Lewis, Heart Gallery Hawaii director.

After losing his father to cancer, he suffered another blow in his life.

Battling a drug addiction, his mother was sent to jail. With iommense courage he forgave her.

"He forgave her for what happened in the past and let's just talk about positive things until the end," said Lewis.

Andrew became an ambassador for the more than 300 foster children in Hawaii.

"He knew what that meant, he had the opportunity and the voice in the last stages of his life to make a difference to other foster kids and that's exactly what he chose to do," said Lewis.

Andrew Sato will be remembered not only for his ability to inspire those around him but for being a loving, humble and spirited young teen.

"He never asked anything for himself always thought of others was very caring opened minded towards everybody, very tolerant, didn't judge people," Lewis said.  " That's the type of boy he was."

He was a symbol of courage for other children suffering from terminal illnesses, and a motivator for those trying to overcome the ups and downs of life.

A memorial service for Andrew Sato will be held this Wednesday at the Nuuanu Memorial Park and Mortuary between 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.