Bittersweet Night for Rainbow Warrior Seniors

Bob Nash
Bob Nash
Bobby Nash
Bobby Nash
Matt Gibson
Matt Gibson

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Happy, sad and every emotion in between. That's what seven Rainbow Warriors felt after playing their last game in front of the home crowd. Saturday was a bittersweet night for the group.

No storybook ending for the seniors. Hawaii cut an 18-point deficit against Boise State to three, but couldn't get the win. Still, it was a night to remember for the seniors.

One by one, the seven seniors take their final shot on their home floor.

"I have nothing but admiration for each one of these guys," said coach Bob Nash. "They've been true warriors all year long."

Matt Gibson, Riley Luttgerodt, Jared Dillinger, PJ Owsley, Stephen Verwers, Alex Veit, and one guy, seemingly born to wear the green and white -- Bobby Nash.

He was a high school all star, son of one of the best players to ever put on the Rainbow uniform, and son of the coach. He had a special tribute for his final shot -- wearing dad's jersey.

"That was really touching," said coach Nash. "I didn't realize he was gonna do that. Had that jersey at home, and kinda really special to see him wanna do that."

"What better way to end it -- going in with the number, and going out with it," said Bobby Nash. "It's his jersey, and my jersey, the same and I love him for it. He's my dad."

Lots of love on senior night, amongst the players and with the fans.

"They mean everything," said Matt Gibson. "There's no way my career would've been as much fun, and honestly, these people give me something to play for. They inspire me, hopefully like I inspire them."

"Being here night in, night out, whether we win, whether we lose, and it's been fun man. And it's something that I'd never trade -- not in a million years."

"What a way to finish a season, a year, a legacy," said Bobby Nash.

Season's not done for the seniors yet. Hawaii plays at Louisana Tech and at New Mexico State this week. Then it's the WAC tournament next week.