Fashion Show and Sale Supports Cancer Patients

Rozanne Llewellyn
Rozanne Llewellyn

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Dozens of women shopped to support a good cause day. A Honolulu nightclub held a cancer fundraiser Sunday afternoon.

Fun fashions, trendy jewelry, makeovers- all elements of a woman's wardrobe, and all part of the third annual Women's Closet fundraiser at the O Lounge. Owner Liz Watanabe picks a charity each year. This year this inspiration was cancer patient Rozanne Llewellyn.

"So Liz is a close friend of mine. I've known her since the first women's closet which was back in 2005. So I called her to share what's been happening with me and she had this brainstorm idea. She said, "Let's have an event that would benefit you, being a breast cancer patient."

Llewellyn was honored, but wanted to open the fundraiser to a larger group: the American Cancer Society. "I was just diagnosed with breast cancer on January 3, and it was such a devastating thing for me."

It's also a way to support local designers. Llewellyn glances around the room, packed with clothing and jewelry. "I love to shop, and so now that I see all these beautiful clothes, it makes me just want to go and support local businesses."