Volunteers Want To Clean Up Street With Bad Reputation

KALIHI (KHNL) -- A street in Kalihi with a bad reputation is set to get a makeover. This weekend, volunteers will gather for a massive clean-up of Pua Lane.

Sixty-five-year-old Lolita Agnes walks along Pua Lane to stay fit. But she says she could do without the used cups and busted sinks that litter the street in this low-income neighborhood.

"So many, many trash, so many when I walk everyday," she said.

But she can finally say good-bye to all the clutter. On Saturday, city crews and Kalihi police will join residents in the area for a clean-up of Pua Lane.

"Thank you very much for cleaning in this area," Agnes said.

The street, located along the Ewa end of Mayor Wright Housing, has a reputation for drug dealing and gang activity.

It's also known for a dramatic incident in June 2004. Many still remember when a fugitive opened fire from a ledge at the housing complex. Officers shot the gunman dead.

Members of the community want to clean up the image.

"How do you feel about them cleaning up the rubbish?" this reporter asked Robert Thakhamhor, Kalihi resident.

"That's good. That's okay, yeah," he replied.

While all the people we talked with do support the clean-up efforts, some wonder how long Pua Lane can stay trash free.

"It's bad," Agnes said. "But I feel great if, if they clean it tomorrow. Maybe everybody, everybody happy."

The city hopes a lot of people from Mayor Wright Housing will come out and participate. The clean-up is scheduled from 8:30 to 11:00 Saturday morning.