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Carey Hart Celebrates Tattoo Parlor's Anniversary in Hawaii

Carey Hart Carey Hart
Jared Kawashima Jared Kawashima
Roxsanne Bujnowicz Roxsanne Bujnowicz
Lisa Sierchio Lisa Sierchio

By Tracy Gladden

WAIKIKI  (KHNL) -- Carey Hart, the world's best known free-style motocrosser, is in town to celebrate the first anniversary of his tattoo parlor right here in Waikiki.

Motocross legend Carey Hart is busy building his tattoo empire. His second of five Hart and Huntington tattoo shops opened just one year ago in Waikiki and has done well with visitors and local alike.

"It's been very good both on the local side of things and on the tour side of things we have a lot of fans of the TV show and of the shop a lot of Canadians come to Hawaii for fun in the sun and we've had a great response from the local crowd too," Hart said.

Hart hosts the A&E reality show Inked, which has brought his retail-style tattoo parlor hundreds of thousands of fans.

Jared Kawashima is the Business Manager for Hart and Huntington Hawaii.

"We've had an 80-year-old woman come in and get tattooed so, it spans all ages and all walks of life," Kawashima said.

"I have two tattoos on my ankle and the first one I got for my 50th birthday. And once you get one tattoo, they're kind of addictive," Vancouver resident Roxsanne Bujnowicz said.

Lisa Sierchio is visiting Hawaii from Sacramento. "This tattoo going to represent when we were here for our wedding and it's gonna be like the beginning of our lives," Sierchio said. "I'm excited to be at a famous tattoo place and having it done."

Hart plans to expand his tattoo business.

"As far as the business goes, I'm still building it and I want to keep moving forward, stronger and stronger each year," Hart said.  "We'll probably look to potentially move to Maui next maybe Lahaina."

Carey Hart will be at an autograph session at the Waikiki store Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

For more information on Carey Hart, click on the Hart and Huntington link.

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