Doctor Crisis Affects Man Who Lost Limb

Charles Raymond
Charles Raymond
Brock Raymond
Brock Raymond

By Mari-Ela David

KAHULUI, Maui (KHNL) -- People in the medical field say they are stretched so thin, many doctors leave for the mainland.

Hawaii's doctor shortage is also affecting patients, including a young man from Maui. The lack of trauma care on the neighbor islands changed his life forever.

The trauma was so severe, it has taken him two months to recover.

22-year-old Brock Raymond is still undergoing rehab. He says what frustrates him most is that his loss could have been prevented.

It was a night that changed his life.

"Then we received that worst call a parent could ever get, worst call," said Brock's father, Charles Raymond.

Brock woke up in the hospital a month later, with no memory of the motorcycle accident. But he didn't need to remember the crash to know it was traumatic.

"My whole elbow is just metal plates pins and screws and wire. My hand was kind of severed off at the top," Brock said.

But the most traumatic of all?

"Just looking down and seeing that I don't have a foot anymore, it's kind of hard, it's hard to think about, hard to look at," said Brock.

Hard, because it took about 8 hours before Brock was flown from Maui to the Queen's Medical Center on Oahu, the only trauma center in the state. Once there, Brock's surgeon told the family that too much time passed.

"'When a limb is severed', he says 'we have a window of two to three hours maximum'. He says, 'I cannot guarantee that I could have saved the foot but I was never even given the chance," said Brock's father.

Brock tries to stay positive.

"I'm fortunate to be alive and I'm not going to stop riding because of that, it's my life," he said.

But the time lapse continues to haunts him.

"I wish the outer islands and Maui had the right health care that Oahu does, I'm pretty sure I would have been fine," Brock said.

Brock almost lost his life, and he lost a limb. Is Hawaii's doctor shortage to blame? There's no black and white answer, but the Raymond's say it is a painful reality that has affected their lives.

In a week and a half, Brock will be getting a prosthetic foot, so he can start walking again.

As difficult as it's been for the family, Brock's father says Hawaii has wonderful doctors and facilities, but he says there's just not enough of them.