Boy Hit By Car Takes Driver To Court

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- It's a parent's worst nightmare. A car hits a Salt Lake man's son, as the little boy rides a scooter to school.

The victim and his family now want the driver to pay them for their suffering.

For a boy who loves playing football, sitting still in a courtroom is no fun. It's even worse for Greg Kanahele Junior, as he relives a day four years ago when a car struck his razor scooter in a crosswalk on Likini Street.

"This handle bar of the scooter went through his chin, out his mouth," Richard Turbin, Kanahele family attorney, said. "It really wrecked his face. He was bleeding profusely."

The victim's family says the driver of the car, James Han, should pony up money for the physical and emotional harm he caused.

Greg Kanahele Senior was home as his kids went to school that morning.

"He heard a sickening bang, a hard, loud bang," Turbin said.

The defense says Han was driving below the speed limit, when his side mirror hit the 10-year-old who came out from behind a parked tour bus.

"He couldn't stop because Gregory was never in front of his vehicle," James Wong, defense attorney, said. "Mr. Han will tell you that he never saw Gregory before the impact."

The 26-year-old, who carried the injured child off the roadway and onto a sidewalk, says there was nothing more he could do as he approached the intersection to prevent the collision.

"I was aware of the crosswalk, so I took my foot off the accelerator and maintained my speed," Han testified.

It's up to a jury to decide who's to blame. The civil trial continues Thursday.