Students Launch Kick Butts Campaign

HONOLULU (KHNL)--Teens across the state rallied Wednesday in support of Hawaii's smoke free law. They say they are tired of their generation being targeted by big tobacco companies as the next crop of smokers. So they make it clear to state law makers they want to keep our islands smoke free.

They shout, "What do we have? Smoke free Hawaii. What do we have? Smoke free Hawaii."

Teens rally to keep public places like malls and restaurants smoke free.

"I support it because me personally I have asthma because you know when you go out in a public place you want it to be clean you don't want to breath in second hand smoke," said Waianae student Sondrea Telles.

They don't want the ban on smoking lifted.

"We are hoping the legislators will see us and they will see we really care about this law and they won't change the law," said Kauai student Sheryll Yotsuda.

"I'd advise them not to because there is only a small group of people who want the law changed then there is the rest of us who want the law kept so we can be safer and we can live longer," said Waianae junior Jazlynn Salzbrenner.

Students made a statement at the state capitol

"Getting them to talk to their legislator in pursuing tobacco free smoke free law, so we just want to keep the law and keep Hawaii smoke free," explained Telles.

"We actually care the youth care because we are the future generation," said Yotsuda.