Former Warriors Talk about Life in the NFL

(KHNL) -- Many young football players dream of making it to the NFL.  But once you get there, it isn't as glamorous as you think.

That's what a couple Warriors who made it are saying.

The game is the same.

But football in college and the NFL are worlds apart.

"Oh, it's tough. There's no regulations with NCAA and meetings, and how many times you meet a day, and you know how many hours you can practice," said Leonard Peters.  "It's your job now, so you meet whatever time, from 6 in the morning til 7 at night."

Leonard Peters went from all Conference for the Warriors.

To scout team for the Chicago Bears.

That means he practices with them, but doesn't play in games.

"It's all football, it's business. And it's kinda funny," said Peters. "You grow up playing football all your life, and you say, 'I'm going to work,' instead of saying 'I'm gonna go play football.'"

Samson Satele was all American with the Warriors. He started all 16 games as a rookie with the Miami Dolphins last season.

"It's hard, but you gotta pay some bills. House, Car, so life after UH is pretty hard," Satele said.

What made it harder -- his team only won once.

"Real tough," said Satele. "We didn't win once til week 16, week 14. Going 0-14 is not really good."

But the bottom line -- they are living their dream.

And what can be better than that.

"It's good. It's hard, but if you really wanna do it, you can do it."

Both players say the transition is a lot easier with the help of friends.

Peters says Saint Louis alum Olin Kreutz helps him a lot in Chicago.

And former Warrior Reagan Mauia is also on Miami's roster.