Women's Community Correctional Center Holds Job Fair

KAILUA (KHNL) -- Inmates at the Women's Community Correctional Center learned about job opportunities when they reenter society.

Mary Kay Cosmetics, KFC, and Avon were just some of the 16 businesses discussing career possibilities with inmates in Kailua.

"I got a lot of advice here, and I'm capable to do whatever I need to do and it's awesome," Cecilia Camero said.

"Basically, we just looking for hardworking people who are really serious about working at the company," said Leandra Alejado, a recruiter with Palama Holdings.

The job fair gives these women a chance to see all the opportunities for when they transition out of the correctional center.

"I was talking to the army recruiting guy for a little while, then I headed over to KFC, Now I'm with the Alu Like guys they are going to help me find transitional housing," Sewuese Igber said.

Companies handed out brochures and applications so women can begin to prepare for their lives before they get out.

"Everyone does deserve a second chance and as long as they are really serious about going a head and starting working and getting their life back together, this is a great place to start," Alejado said.

"Oh this is wonderful, this is wonderful, this is what gives me hope, that there are people out there that are willing to help," Igber said.

All 210 inmates at the center paid a visit to the job fair. The Women's Community Correctional Center's warden says he hopes the program will become an annual event.