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Hawaii's Rising Gas Prices

Tim Collins Tim Collins
Jack Robinson Jack Robinson
Joanne Palvialok Joanne Palvialok

By Roger Mari

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Just about everything in Hawaii costs more these days especially gasoline. In the last couple weeks, prices jumped 16 cents at some pumps. It's affecting local customers and those visiting Hawaii.

The price hike came as no surprise for some customers for others, once again it's time to start considering other options for transportation.

Hawaii has the highest gas prices in the nation. The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded can average over $3.40. Just over the past few weeks fuel prices in paradise have gone up as much as 16 cents. Some customers are not surprised with the big price hike.

"It has to be trucked in and brought in by ocean, so I expect the prices too be high. It seems like it dropped off a bit but it's on the rise again," said Honolulu resident Tim Collins.

Depending on where you live and where you need to go, filling up at the pumps might make a bigger dent in your wallet.

Jack Robinson is dependent on using his truck for work. Today, filling it up cost this roofer more than $50. He plans on considering alternatives.

"Well, now I'm going to have to start picking up fellow co-workers who live on my side of the island to help chip in for gas," said Kahaluu resident Jack Robinson.

For some visitors, Hawaii's fuel prices were not enough to reconsider another vacation destination.

"Great time, fantastic time, I would tell everyone I know, come on down. It doesn't matter what the gas prices are, but come on down it's super," said visitor Joanne Palvialok.

Hawaii residents aren't alone, as the entire nation is beginning to see higher fuel prices at their local filling stations.

The U.S. Department of Transportation says the cost of gasoline will continue to rise over the next year.

With the increase in demand it looks like fuel prices in Hawaii are not going down anytime soon.

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