Sheraton Guests Try World's First Surf Simulator

Richard Vidinha
Richard Vidinha
Paul Goo
Paul Goo

WAIKIKI (KHNL) -- Visitors to Waikiki can now experience the adrenalin rush of riding Oahu's famous waves without even getting wet, and it's so fun even the mayor gave it a try.

Guests at the Sheraton Waikiki get the opportunity to experience the excitement of riding a wave without even leaving the hotel lobby.

Richard Vidinha is Sheraton's Director of Fun.

"It takes the fear out of actually going out into the water and really creates a safe environment for people to participate," he said.

The hotel is home to the world's first interactive surf experience.

Paul Goo created the surf simulator.

"We've got to worry about sharks, and we've gotta worry about the reef, okay," he said.

"We're really fortunate to be able to use this technology as one of our guests activities," Vidinha said. "The reaction has been awesome, we have it pretty much five days a week right now for two hour segments in the afternoon."

The program is the first of it's kind and allows all ages to get barreled.

"It really helps them get assimilated to the feeling of the board and the sensation of the movement," Goo said. "Kids on all the way up to adults and grandmothers who are 80 years old like to play this game."

It's so easy, even the mayor can do it.

The Sunami Surf Simulator is so user friendly, you lean to the left to go down wave, and lean to the right to go up wave and catch some air. The game costs $25 but can be personalized.

"We can actually take your picture right in the lobby and within 15 minutes, we can put you in the game," Goo said.

Guests can try the Sunami Surf Simulator daily for free in the Sheraton's lobby from 3-5 p.m.