Familiar Face at Na Koa Fundraiser

June Jones
June Jones
Greg McMackin
Greg McMackin

WAIKIKI (KHNL) -- He took the Warrior football program to unprecedented heights.

But now he's gone, and hoping to do the same at Southern Methodist University.

Still, June Jones considers Hawaii his home. And he is back for the weekend to help out his old team.

The former warrior football coach is in town for a football fundraiser. Jones being here just shows that Hawaii truly is a special place.

Good friends.

Good grinds.

And good times.

It's a special fundraiser for the Na Koa football club -- with a special guest -- June Jones.

"It's always nice to come back home," said Jones. "Excited to see everybody, and raise some money for the football program."

The Warriors former head coach is still a favorite among fans and for new coach Greg McMackin.

"June has done so many great things for Hawaii in the last 9, 10 years, and it's good to see him back," said McMackin. "I wanna keep the journey going, and it's fun that the fans are having fun and it was a special year."

Admittingly, Jones says it feels a little weird being back to help his old team. This probably couldn't and wouldn't happen anywhere else.

"Well Hawaii, as we've always known, is a little different than everywhere else," said Jones. "I'm just happy I can help. Happy I can raise some money for team."

"I know that when the season starts, we're going our own direction," said McMackin. "I'm running my own program, but June's a big part of hawaii, and it's just great seeing him."

Jones is here only for the weekend. He heads back to Dallas Monday. H says he is excited for the Warrior football team's upcoming season and knows Coach Mack is the best guy for the job.