Coalition For A Drug Free Hawaii Backyard Jam

William Molina
William Molina
Alan Shinn
Alan Shinn

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Once again, there's another startling statistic when it comes to crystal methamphetamine in the islands. Experts say "ice" use is on the rise, but one group is doing its part to stop the spread of this drug.

According to the Coalition For A Drug Free Hawaii, arrests involving crystal methamphetamine in the islands are up again, along with addicts seeking drug abuse treatment.

At the Coalition For A Drug Free Hawaii 8th annual backyard jam, there was music, food and games. However, the focus was education, especially with crystal methamphetamine use back on the rise.

"It's the drug that's taking the island by storm," said William Molina of Dads Against Doing Drugs.

The Coalition For A Drug Free Hawaii believes crystal methamphetamine, or " ice," has flourished within the past six years and is showing its affects in our community.

"The problem with methamphetamine is that it's all over the united states and the pacific region. Hawaii just has the reputation of being the meth capital because we've been addicted to the drug for a longer period of time," said Alan Shinn of Coalition For A Drug Free Hawaii.

Ice has been in the islands for the past twenty years. With the increase in the usage, the Coalition For A Drug Free Hawaii teamed up with other organizations to increase awareness.

"Once you take one hit of that drug, it's going to take you someehre you don't want to go and it's going to be to a place where you can't get off of it," said Molina.

Although the problem has resurfaced, there is some good news.

A positive note is that I think families are more willing to come forward to talk about problems that they're having with family members who are using ice," said Shinn.

It's events like Sunday's backyard jam that help keep Hawaii kids and families healthy, strong and resilient against drug abuse.

February is Drug Free Hawaii Awareness Month and the Coalition For A Drug Free Hawaii says it's working to increase the number of drug treatment centers in the islands.