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Brown Rice Inari Sushi

Brown Rice Inari Sushi

Aburage (deep fried tofu pouches) 
3 cups brown rice (cooked)
½ cup rice wine vinegar 
½ cup granulated sugar 
1 tsp. salt 

Combine vinegar and sugar mix until sugar is dissolved.  Sprinkle hot brown rice with salt and slowly add vinegar mixture, allowing hot rice to absorb the liquid.  Allow the seasoned rice to cool before adding the following ingredients:

Seasoned Grilled Salmon, chopped
Furikake or Seaweed, chopped
Sesame seed oil, to taste
Sesame seeds
Salt and pepper to taste
Cucumber, grated
Carrots, grated

Gently combine salmon and seaweed or desired ingredients to your sushi with the seasoned rice.  Stuff the rice mixture into the aburage (fried tofu pouches) and serve.

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