Soldier Re-Enlists At Concert

Troy Rousello
Troy Rousello
Katie Rae Davis
Katie Rae Davis

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS (KHNL) -- It was a way to say thank you to our service members. Saturday was Family Appreciation Day at Schofield Barracks with big name groups.

But before the big concert there was a special ceremony involving one soldier.

After serving one tour in Iraq, Troy Rousello decided to re-enlist in the United States Army. It was his way of showing appreciation to his fellow soldiers and those who support all U.S. military troops fighting overseas.

He went to the concert to see his favorite band Montgomery Gentry. While there, Rousello committed five more years of his life to the United States Army.

"I just like fighting for my country; it's something I like to do," said Troy Rousello of the U.S. Army,"

Some of his close friends question his decision; others including some of the concerts performers consider Rousello a true hero.

"It's brave and courageous and they are very well respected for that and it's such an honor to even be here for me to say thank you," said singer Katie Rae Davis.

As a thank you from the Army for re-enlisting, this brave soldier will be given the opportunity to be closer to loved ones and maybe throw a welcome home party with hefty check.

"He's also going to get orders to Kansas which is what he wants to do and get a bonus of $11,000, so he's real excited," said U.S. Army Admiral Mike Mullen.

Many are proud of Rousello for wanting to continue serving his country but they're also concerned for his well-being.

"I had a lot of people telling me I am glad you are staying in keep fighting and make sure you come back," said Rousello.

It was a free concert in honor of soldiers who have fought or are currently fighting for our freedom, and their families.

Along with this big night of country music, was one soldier's dedication to his country which touched their hearts of those who attended.

Rousello isn't the only soldier to re-enlist. In the coming weeks about twenty more soldiers will sign up for more duty.