Muddy Marine Mess in Kaneohe

Kaneohe - Hundreds get down and dirty, really dirty, in the annual Swamp Romp held at Marine Corp Base Kaneohe. But Hawaii's dirtiest footrace is more than just a run, its also an event to build teamwork. One that brings in many from outside the military for this annual romp thru the swamp.

In the early morning, many of these clean cut teams are warming up.

But over the next few hours they will be anything but clean!

The five mile course has the men and women running thru mud puddles. And wading thru muddy pits as part of this competition to give civilians a chance to see what marine's basic training is really like. "It's a good way to build some community relations. Open up the base to see what we do here" says Sgt. Benjamin Chester, with the Swamp Romp.

Contestants were not only running thru the mud but crawling thru it as well. Many of these athletes left a little of themselves on the grueling course, but all of them took some of the course with them after they finished.

"It was tough, very dirty and I'm looking forward to taking a shower." says one muddied athlete.

Its good clean fun on a beautiful day for the windward side of Oahu.

But this wasn't a solo struggle, teams of 6 had to finish together and work together to overcome all the mud and other obstacles.

"We ran together, over low and high obstacles, it was a lot of fun." says Kailua resident, Arnold Tatro.

"We had a good leader he wouldn't let us stop so...he was good. But it was a lot of mud, a lot of mud." adds Pennie Llorente, a US Army Soldier.

In addition to all that mud, athletes also had to jump over obstacles, swing thru sections of the course, and even deal with the sounds of combat during this unique run. And if you are interested in Hawaii's dirty footrace, the Swamp Romp is held every year.