B-2 Bomber Crashes on Guam

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- It's a crash that costs more than a billion dollars!

The military is investigating the first crash of a B-2 stealth bomber since it was unveiled 20 years ago.

The stealth jet went down at an air base on Guam.

It happened late Friday afternoon, Hawaii time. It was already Saturday morning in Guam.

Thick black smoke could be seen billowing from the wreckage at Andersen Air Force Base.

Two pilots were on board and ejected safely. They're both in good condition.

A board of officers will now investigate the cause of the crash.

Reporter Ronna Sweeney from our affiliate KUAM News 8 in Guam describes the crash scene.

"The two pilots are part of the 509th bomb wing they both ejected safely and transported to the Guam Naval Hospital and listed in good condition," said Sweeney. "What you are seeing now is actual video and many witnesses first noticed the smoke. this is a view from Mount Santa Rosa which over looks Andersen Air Force Base."

The B-2 costs about 1.2 billion dollars to build.

They're based at Shiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, but the air force has been rotating several of them through Guam since 2004.

The rotations are designed to boost the U.S. security presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

Just last week, one of the four bombers deployed to Guam made a stop on Oahu.

It's now known if this was the aircraft involved in Friday's crash.

The military invited the media to come and take a look at the spirit bomber at Hickam Air Force Base.

And for many of the service members there, it was the first time they'd ever seen the aircraft up-close.