Concert & A Thought

I don't know what your opinion is of the war or the rationale for us being in Iraq or Afghanistan, but I do know that there are a group of people doing their jobs to support our country. I'm talking about our military representatives overseas, and now you can do something that will be really fun.

On Saturday night at 5pm on Sills Field at Schofield Barracks, best-selling country western act Montgomery Gentry will be performing for FREE. That's right, just bring your lawn chairs and blankets, and get ready for a great concert. The group has a fond affection for our military personnel, and it's been proven by the duo's traveling with a recent USO Tour, which included visiting U.S. troops in Kuwait, Iraq, and Germany. It's a Soldier & Family Appreciation Concert, and there's nothing wrong with enjoying the sounds and the sunset and shaking some hands and saying thanks. The event is no cost, and it's open to the public. And for added value, the enigmatic Bowling For Soup will also perform.

This isn't about liberal or conservative or left wing or right wing. This isn't about more divisiveness. It's simply an opportunity to acknowledge those who are actually fighting for our freedoms, whether or not you empirically think the political decisions that have been made and are still being made about the war efforts are right or wrong. These men and women are doing their jobs, and it's really OK to say thanks. Enjoy the show, y'all. Think about it...