Councilmember Djou Reacts to Mayor's State of the City Address

Charles Djou
Charles Djou

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Following Mayor Mufi Hannemann's State of the City address Thursday morning, Honolulu City Councilmember Charles Djou issued this statement:

"In the year the mayor is seeking re-election, I compliment the mayor for giving a good speech that was delivered with as much marketing gusto as any State of the City address delivered by former Mayor Harris.  I am disappointed, however, that the mayor made no mention of any future tax relief or discussed restraining the massive growth in government spending.  Since taking office, Mayor Hannemann increased City expenditures by a whopping 52% and financed this massive spending spree with increases in the property tax, vehicle tax, sewer fees and the excise tax," stated Councilmember Djou.  "Oahu taxpayers are at their limit and I had hoped to hear more from the mayor on how he would finally join me in reigning in government spending and provide help to the average family already struggling to make ends meet.  It's nice to ask for a lot of new programs, but I wonder how much more big government projects the people of Oahu can afford."

Mayor Hannemann's 2008 State of the City address was delivered at Hawaii Theater with slides and a musical introduction.

This was the first such address delivered outside of City Hall.