Residents Impressed with Obama's Victory in Hawaii

Laura Rebmann
Laura Rebmann
Rob Robinson
Rob Robinson

DOWNTOWN HONOLULU (KHNL) -- As you would imagine, Wednesday night's caucuses dominated this morning's "coffee talk", here in the islands.

From Oahu's mom-and-pop restaurants, to downtown's business district, the buzz focused on Hawaii's significant role in the Democratic presidential race. Workers along Sand Island Access Road started their day grabbing a quick bite, here at Penny's Drive-In.

Virtually everyone here says, they weren't surprised by Barack Obama's convincing victory in Hawaii.

''I knew he was going to win in Hawaii because he was born and raised in Hawaii. So, and he has the momentum going, right now," said Kahaluu resident Gerald Wong.

''I think Obama really relates to the people and it's time for a change and I think he represents that change," said Kaimuki resident Larry Hall.

''Obama's the man, right now. It's time for a new change, a new era and he has, I think, what we need right now to get this country back on track," said Kahaluu resident Rob Robinson.

Predictably, the streets of Downtown Honolulu offered similar opinions.

But, for some, the path was a little different.

''I'm a Republican. But, I think I'm going to vote for Obama and the reasons are I think we need a little change in Washington, D.C., and Hillary can't get it done," said Waikiki resident Peter San Severo.

''I'm leaning towards Obama, personally," said Kailua resident Laura Rebmann. "I think that it's incredible that somebody from his background, of his caliber, his ideas and his motivation has gotten as far as he has and it's really inspiring."

Laura Rebmann, adds, Obama's impressive win is only overshadowed by Hawaii's response to the call to vote.

''Well, I think it's fabulous that Hawaii had such participation. I read this morning that it went from 5,000, to 37,000 voters, which that in itself is just amazing that they got that sort of support and participation from the community."