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Voters Flood Precincts on Caucus Night

Michelle Kim Michelle Kim
Keala Chock Keala Chock
Lena Moore Lena Moore
Joy Collado Joy Collado

By Mari-Ela David

NUUANU (KHNL) -- One of the precincts Democrats flooded this evening is Kawananakoa Middle School.

It was elbow-to-elbow Tuesday evening at the school cafeteria.

Staff was left busy counting and tallying the votes from what some call a crazy evening.

It was political excitement as the Democratic caucus overflows at Kawananakoa Middle School cafeteria.

"It's been pretty chaotic. I've heard people say that this is a Democrat function for sure.  It's so chaotic," says Lena Moore, Democrat.

Precinct workers were so overwhelmed that they had to open the auditorium to accommodate the crowd.

"I waited in the traffic line to get in here for about 45 minutes," says Michelle Kim, Democrat.

"We;ve been given a blank ballot because they've run out of ballots.  We write our district number down, along with the candidate's name," says Keala Chock.

For some, the excitement turned into frustration.  One voter walked 15 blocks to her precinct site only to find she was among a group who was misinformed about where she was supposed to go.

"I walked by myself with my walker.  I was following, and was so frustrated there was nobody around to say ‘over there, over here, that area,'" says Joy Collado, Democrat.

But amid the chaos, many say this turnout is a reflection of people's desire for change.

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