Huge Crowds Jam Democratic Caucus Sites

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It was definitely a night of mixed reactions.  While thousands voted in Tuesday night's Democratic caucus, the long lines and confusion forced many others to turn around and head home.

It can only be described as an event.  Thousands across the state turning out in droves to vote for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

At Manoa Elementary, a capacity crowd came out to share their presidential pick.

It was definitely a chaotic night, but people who called our KHNL newsroom reported that things were even crazier at other precincts.

In fact, we were told that in Heeia,  a fist fight broke out amongst frustrated voters.

And many other caucus sites reportedly ran out of materials for caucus goers.

We had many people tell us they simply gave up, after waiting in line for hours.

And at Jefferson Elementary School in Waikiki it was the same story:  a huge amount of people turned out and the line snaked around the school.

Many Hawaii caucus goers definitely had their patience tested, as they waited for hours just to participate.


Democratic caucus crowds at Palolo Elementary. Photo by Dick Trahan.