Barack Obama Wins Hawaii Caucus

Senator Barack Obama
Senator Barack Obama

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Senator Barack Obama has won the Hawaii Democratic caucus.

The Illinois senator, who was born in Hawaii and attended Honolulu's Punahou School defeated New York senator Hillary Clinton by a huge margin on a night where Democratic party officials struggled to deal with the stunningly high turnout of voters.

The late-breaking results so far of the Hawaii Democratic caucus:

With 100% of all precincts reporting:

Barack Obama 28,347 -- 76%

Hillary Clinton 8,835 -- 24%

Obama told Rep. Neil Abercrombie in a phone call that he was thankful for the outpouring of island support as caucus sites were swarmed by a record turnout.

Obama told Abercrombie he was overwhelmed with gratitude and joy about what was happening in Hawaii.

Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich and former North Carolina senator John Edwards also received a handful of votes, not enough to qualify for a delegate under Hawaii's proportional system for delegate distribution.

Caucus sites around the state reported heavy turnout. All results are considered preliminary until certified by Democratic Party officials.