Obama Campaign Down to the Wire

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Many of you either received, or will be getting a pre-recorded message from Senator Obama, or from his team of volunteers.

One of his biggest backers, his sister, Maya Soetero-Ng, again spoke out in support of him.

You hear this at the phone bank, "Obama campaign headquarters, I'm just encouraging people to go to the caucus."

Volunteers with the Obama campaign work the phones. "I hope you will vote for Obama thank you," said the caller.

A last minute rally to reach as many local voters as possible.

"Phone bank frenzy and a lot of citizens who want to make sure they know their caucus location very excited to cast their vote for the next President of the United States Barack Obama," said campaigner Georgia McCauley.

Obama fans got some campaigning in over the President's day weekend at a popular recreation spot the Kaneohe sand bar. From perfect strangers to his extended ohana many here are rallying around Obama.

His sister discusses the possibility her big brother could be President.

"Yeah well, I'm gonna loan him to the country for the next eight years," said Maya Soetero-Ng.

Soetero-Ng understands his magnetic pull. "Because he is honest. I am tremendously proud of this campaign, a real grassroots movement he has helped restore local control."

She encourages you to take part in the presidential preference poll. "He is the first person in a generation to offer the American people the kind of rigorous democracy and give people a voice a sense of empowerment."

From sign waving at the sand bar to working the phone bank, Obama supporters are out in force.