Travel Plans

The Superferry is in dry dock and still has no Kauai solution, go! Airlines continued to lose money throughout 2007, TheBoat has been plagued by numerous start-up issues, and a new City of Honolulu projection suggests that the multi-billion dollar transit system will not greatly affect peak-hour traffic woes.

Transportation means around, on, to, and from an island chain are obviously vital links and lifelines, but making it all work from a business model standpoint and a consumer must-have standpoint remains the key for all of the parties involved. Many people are wedded to their cars for the daily commutes to work and to school, but you now see traffic on Oahu highways daily at 11am and at 8pm, not what you would normally consider to be peak, traffic hours. And the Neighbor Islands have their fair share of stop-and-go, grinding traffic, in areas that didn't used to see such activity. And traffic is not going away.

Solutions and alternative ideas, both public and private, will continue to flow, and entrepreneurs will try their luck at making a go of it in Hawaii. Moving people around or providing the routes to get people from here to there is an essential part of the infrastructure of any community, but the results become even more vital on a group of isolated islands. Let's hope that the various pieces of this transportation puzzle provide real solutions and realistic models for the many entities involved, and that includes you and me. Think about it...