President's Day Push For Caucus Candidates

Maya Soetero-Ng
Maya Soetero-Ng
Rep. Tom Brower
Rep. Tom Brower

KAKAAKO (KHNL) -- Just one more day until the Hawaii Democratic caucus. So on the 19th of February, who will get our 20 delegates? Will it be Barack Obama, the Punahou graduate or Hillary Clinton, the former First Lady?

A last push to boost support for the Senators intensified on the President's Day holiday.

Monday night, both campaigns prepared for what's expected to be a record turnout at Tuesday's historic Democratic caucus.

Voters will choose during the presidential preference poll who they think should lead the nation - Senator Clinton as the first female president, or Senator Obama as the first African-American.

On the eve of caucus day, political spirits ran high, despite reports of Senator Hillary Clinton accusing Obama of plagiarizing a speech from Massachusetts's Governor.

"You're talking about the best speaker on this feat in the history of the country, somebody who writes books and by the way there is no copyright on the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution," said U.S. Representative Neil Abercrombie.

During a rally at Farrington High School, Obama's sister Maya Soetero-Ng stressed the importance of keeping the campaign positive.

"That we make sure this democracy is as rigorous as possible and that as many people as possible are in fact keeping their eye on what is important and that is participation, getting their voices heard," said Soetoro-Ng.

Even voices from vacationers came out to show their support.

"How about that? Only for Obama would we do this. We could be on the beach," said Denise Kendrick, a visitor from Atlanta.

On the line come caucus day is the battle for Hawaii's 20 delegates plus 9 superdelegates. To make sure those superdelegates reflect the voters choice -

"I have a resolution signed by 28 House members so far and whatever happens on Tuesday, whatever the percentage, whoever gets the vote, we're insisting that if it goes to convention, that our superdelegates vote in accordance with what the people's wishes are on Tuesday," said Rep. Tom Brower.

After the caucus, Obama supporters will wrap up and follow the totals at E&O Trading Company in Ward Center.